Sunday, November 7, 2010

An amazing piece of knowledge III

Actually we have two pieces of amazing glory. One is by Scott Horton and the other one, guess, by Scott Horton as well. On one side we have a translation of "Hölderlin—Evening Fantasy" (Abendphantasie) and on the other side, we have an interview of  Julian Young about "Reconsidering Nietzsche–Six Questions"

Please, read either one since they are amazing pieces of knowledge about the topics the're talking about.
Congratulations Mr. Horton. Please if for any reason by publishings Harper's Magazine articles I'm violating any law, let me know and I will fix the problem.

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Nietzsche´s Musik - Resources and solutions

17 Musical Compositions by Friedrich Nietzsche

Music of Friedrich Nietzsche - Commentary (71 Kb)

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