Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Hidden Holocausts (There are more than one)

Act 1: The Protagonist

The sumptuous Blame sings like a mask,
Louder than the naked evidence. Nudity
Which persists behind the deceptiveness
Whose dignity seems to be delightful.
Like a disguise, the Blame keeps quiet,
Better than the victims' silence. Hush
Which survives behind the craftiness
Whose protocol seems to be enchanting.
Act 2: The Accomplices
The stage would have been the unclothed
Clue where to find the unspeakableness
But suddenly the oily Ignorance shew up
Distracting the brains with its glamour.
What a performance!, said the Indifference
Grasping the undamaged people's awareness
With its bewitching tentacles while bravos
And hoorays were erupting from them, noisily.
Epilogue: The Fact.
Meanwhile, the blame sings a silky tune
And dances a graceful choreography over
The brittle bones of victims' silence:
Without skin-color, without human-race