Wednesday, November 30, 2011

POEMS BY Durs Grünbein

German Poetry in English Translation

POEMS BY Durs Grünbein


Quid magazine: Five poets

Durs Grünbein

from Variation auf kein Thema
translated by Keston Sutherland

Again before the telephone, in the exhibit
                   case beneath a verge of glass, the door
was hardly shut, stiffened, an object
                for pedestrians at the streetside
you stare at the touchtone panel, numbers
                   like the stellar enchanted forest
there at the night sky / decimal mandala
                   which with its reachable sum lures,
with sudden nearness, whispers, betrayal,
       love even — everything coded
as long since planned ahead a life
on call and hardly dialed
a voice explodes in your head.