Sunday, June 15, 2008

Judas Sweat

Fate is a notion,
By which we can assess,
People reliability;
Let me say it differently,
Destiny is a notion,
By which we can assess,
People dependability … ours!
The task was fastidiously designed,
What can I say?
The duty was intelligently designed.
In the beginning, a straightforward script,
In those days an amusing performance;
Everyone was in the hunt for a thrill.
Fact and prophesy
Are no longer distinguishable
And it turns out to be merely interchangeable:
A permutation becomes combination.
Judas is dead, extras are aged
And grown-ups are richer… but now
I'm neither Cain nor Caiaphas,
I'm neither Moses nor Abraham,
And so dear friends,
You just have to realize,
Not just the mission was there
But always has been…
It is said that ID apologists
Are just direct descendants
Of a lineage of outstanding performers
Since Cain and Abel and through Judas and Caiaphas.

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