Monday, June 16, 2008

The Message

"In Brueghel's Icarus for instance:
how everything turns away / Quite
leisurely from the disaster;..."

Musee des Beaux Arts (Big Image)
W. H. Auden

Your meticulous fall was spotless
And your endless achievement arrives
From the very past, as clean light
That brightens our gloomy presents.

Stand up, Icarus. And show us the way,
Teach us your intrepid lecture which

Surpasses your failure and survives
To the judgment of the hardened elders.

Come on, Icarus, teach us your wisdom
And lighten our wished victory......

However, oh no, our young generation
Stays aloof, busy and intoxicated by
The comfortable and fussy placebos of
The 20th century schizoid amusement.

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