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Good Listening: Chicago


Good Listening: Chicago – Live in New York – 6/20/77

Written by: Matt Wardlaw
As I was digging around in my collection today, I pulled out two CDs worth of Chicago, recorded live in New York City in 1977. While this isn't the best sounding show that I've got from Chicago, it was interesting to me at the time that I first got it a few years ago for several reasons:
1. Any day that someone hands you a vintage Chicago show with Terry Kath on guitar is a good day. 32 years ago when this show originally occurred, I was a few months shy of turning three years old - which means that I had no chance to see Kath and Chicago "back in the day" prior to Kath's tragic death which happened less than a year after this show.  Bootlegs of Chicago (and other bands) were hard for me to locate pre-internet, and thanks to shows like this one, I now have the opportunity to experience the tours for some of my favorite Chicago albums from back then.
2. Cool setlist! I was originally intrigued by this show when I saw "Anyway You Want" in the setlist - Chicago VIII was one of the early 70s-era Chicago albums to catch my ear, along withChicago II - both are nicely represented here in this performance.  This particular show dates from the era when the band was touring in support of Chicago XI.
3. The band is on fire! Just listen to Parazaider's sax solo on "Just You 'N Me" for one prime example.
The show was originally broadcast by WLIR at the time, and it's apparent that this particular copy has gone through a few generations of "dude, you GOTTA hear this Chicago show" type moments, shared from friend to friend.  It remains a worthy listen, and if perhaps you're out there sitting on a better copy, feel free to get in touch - I'd love to hear it.
Chicago XI
Nassau Coliseum
Uniondale, NY
The One To One Benefit

Broadcast by WLIR-FM
Robert Lamm
Peter Cetera
Terry Kath
James Pankow
Walter Parazaider
Lee Loughnane
Danny Seraphine
Laudir De Olivera
Disc One:
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