Saturday, May 15, 2010

I'd like to remember!

Amazingly, James Randi, the man behind the million dollar award for anyone who can probe any magical or supernatural statement, talks about Carl Sagan in this video. Take a look and watch it carefully:

Take off!

Ann Druyan afirma acerca de su esposo: "Carl nunca quiso creer, él quería saber"
. Este quizás sea el comienzo... tú principio... ¿qué esperamos?

Shocking statement

It doesn't matter how much anyone blames a person, a people, a country, while the Root of all Evil still remains the same?

I'm so sorry master Adorno, there is a suitable mistake in your quote:

"is there poetry after Auschwitz?"

I really think that your statement must say:

"is there any religion after Auschwitz?",

not just including Judaism but starting from it...