Tuesday, July 31, 2012

oops! History should be rewritten!!!

Fashion history needs to be rewritten: 600-year-old bra found in Austrian castle

Fashion history needs to be rewritten: 600-year-old bra found in Austrian castle


Since Adam gave one of his ribs to create Eve, women came with boobs…and with those came bras.
Although most aborigines civilizations never used a bra to hold up their boobs, more developed societies had some sort of accessory for that purpose, but bras were thought to be only 100 year-old.
Discovered on Wednesday by some archeologists from the University of Innsbruck, Austria, in a castle from the Middle Ages, the linen bra –or what is left of it– you see in the photo is the proof that some 600 years ago women wore bras.
The finding has surprised fashion experts who were under the assumption that bras only were invented a little more than a century ago as women abandoned the tight corsets.
Instead it appears that fashion history needs to be re-written since bras came first, followed by corsets and back to bras again.
Archeologists couldn’t believe what they’ve discovered and wanted to carbon date the bra before releasing the news.
“Four linen textiles resemble modern-time bras” with distinct cups and one in particular looks like today’s version, it said, with “two broad shoulder straps and a possible back strap, not preserved but indicated by partially torn edges of the cups onto which it was attached.”
Although what you see seems pretty unattractive and plain, researchers said the bras were intricately decorated with lace and other ornamentation, suggesting they were also meant to please a suitor.

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