Monday, May 23, 2016

This Outrageous Picture Just Infuriates All Heavens!

This one piece of shocking evidence shows a famished Sudanese child being stalked by a vulture: no tears just the eye of the beholder. Obviously, glamour and pride of “civilized people” gave the 1994Pulitzer Prize to Kevin Carter for such self-evident photography” (Retrieved 06-23-08).

I have no idea why they still trust capitalism as a triumphant achievement of Modernity.

I don’t trust capitalism anymore
I don’t trust capitalism anymore
I don’t trust capitalism anymore

Let me rephrase it once again. This is a scandalous one-piece proof of capitalism breakdown and consequently of modernity. Embarrassment is the only prospect before this shameful self-evident fact.

· Religion, Politics, Science, and Entertainment et al are just disguises of our doctrinaire narcissism.

· Gods, Goddesses, and God are just mistrusted excuses of egotistical human beings unjustly called humans.

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gruff said...

Sudan isn't a hellhole because of capitalism.