Monday, November 16, 2009

Impresionante fuente de música y un video Clip

Chicago ~ I'm a Man ~ 1969 ~ In Session

  • Chicago is a rock band that was formed in 1967 in Chicago, Illinois.
  • The band began as a politically charged.
  • The band was formed when a group of DePaul University music students began playing a series of late-night jams at clubs on and off campus.
  • The band took a new name, Chicago Transit Authority... the band's name was shortened to simply Chicago, when the actual Chicago Transit Authority threatened legal action.
  • This song is from my point of view one of the most important rock songs of the '60 & '70, very innovative all musicians playing on a high level.
  • Michael Leckebusch the German director of the vid did a good job too.
  • The clip gave me some "working - days". The sound was recorded in '69 so I tried to clear some streams gave more bass and treble to them. I changed the bit depth (24bit/48khz), rate (256kbps) and sharpened the pic.
  • Sorry to Michael because I re-cut a "drumming scene" by maximising it while hes playing the main role.

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