Wednesday, November 11, 2009

12:01 PM (1990) - a short film - a minor classic

12:01 PM (1990 film) directed by Jonathan Heap

12:01 PM was first adapted into an Academy Award-nominated [2] 1990 short film starring Kurtwood Smith. Directed by Jonathan Heap, it originally aired on the cable television network Showtime in 1990 as part of the Showtime 30-Minute Movie anthology series.

In this version, Kurtwood Smith plays Myron Castleman, an everyman-type who keeps repeating the same hour of his life, from 12:01pm to 1:00pm. The character is fully aware that the time loop is occurring, and nobody else appears to be aware of it. Each time the hour resets, Myron retains his memory (or as the film puts it, his consciousness), and despite his best attempts to understand what is happening, he ultimately realizes that he is entirely helpless to prevent the time bounce. Myron cannot even break the loop by killing himself, as he reappears, alive, at the next iteration; he is trapped in the loop for eternity.

This version has not been released on DVD or VHS in the United States, but 12:01 PM is available on DVD in the UK, collected with seven other short films.




12:01 PM
Directed by Jonathan Heap
Produced by Teresa E. Kounin
Written by Richard A. Lupoff
Stephen Tolkin
Jonathan Heap
Starring Jane Alden
Kurtwood Smith
Don Amendolia
John Bachelder
Music by Stephen Melillo
Cinematography Charlie Lieberman
Editing by Hubert de la Bouillerie
Running time 25 minutes
Country USA
Language English

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